Banh trang

Bánh tráng (banh trang) is a clear sheet of dried rice paper. There are two main types of bánh tráng:

1. nh tráng cuốn (banh trang cuon) makes rice paper rolls/spring rolls. Before preparing the rolls, each sheet of bánh tráng is dipped in warm water and allowed a few seconds to dry slightly to soften it. These sheets come in circles, squares or triangles. 

2. Bánh tráng nướng (banh trang nuong) is a cracker type of rice paper. When toasted it is crunchy and eaten as a snack or with other dishes. This is an example with sesame seeds. Photo source:

So both types of banh trang are purchased as dry sheets or pieces; and before they are eaten they are either heated or moistened with water accordingly. Banh trang is made in hot and sunny conditions, usually in Asia. It is often mass produced or some types are made by Vietnamese villagers. The photo on the right shows people making bánh tráng nướng (the crunchy type).