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Ca phe sua đa

My dad showed me how to make a ca phê sữa đá (ca phe sua da) - an iced coffee using the Vietnamese coffee filter gadgetThe stainless steel gadget is designed for a single cup, and it's a slow drip brew so produces a rich coffee.

It's quite a neat way of making fresh coffee and the relatively slow brew reflects the coffee culture in Vietnam - of sitting in street cafes, catching up with friends and watching the hustle and bustle of a city.

This is how you make a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee....

Notes: If you like a sweet tasting coffee add more tea spoons of sweetened condensed milk at the start; but not too much as it may result in a Starbucks-esque Frappuccino. If you prefer a dark strong coffee, don't add the sweetened condensed milk. If it's quite a cold day and you fancy a hot coffee - cà phê nâu đá (ca phe nau da), follow the recipe but don't add ice at the end.

P.S. I'm not exactly a coffee connoisseur, I prefer tea, but I'm curious about trying the expensive weasel coffee - which is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and then regurgitated (naturally) by a weasel. It sounds disgusting but the coffee beans are cleaned and roasted; and this is supposed to make a delicious coffee because the weasel chooses the best coffee beans. Also the coffee beans have been 'collected by locals in remote forest areas' so to my knowledge it's ethical; and I guess good for the environment as it is a recycled product. I'll just get over the 'eaten and regurgitated by a weasel' factor and try it.