Banh mi ga 
Chicken baguette sandwich

Goi xoai
Mango Salad

Bun bo Hue 
Hot and spicy beef noodle soup

Bo la lot
Grilled marinated beef wrapped in betel leaves

Pho ga
Chicken broth and rice noodles
Banh beo
Steamed rice pancakes

Banh mi thit 
Meat sandwich

Banh chuoi chưng
Steamed banana cake

Pho bo
Beef broth and rice noodles

Cari bo
Yellow beef curry
Banh xeo
Savoury crepes

Ca phe sua da 
Iced coffee

Goop's Vietnamese salad

Bun rieu 
Meat and seafood rice vermicelli soup

Bun thit nuong 
Grilled meat and rice vermicelli noodle dish